Willacy Oil Services

Refinery Services

We provide specialist cleaning and waste management services to the oil refinery and petrochemical industry. Our services include sludge bank profiling for crude oil tanks, automatic tank cleaning, lagoon and pit cleaning, and specialist secondary processing services.

Willacy Oil Services

Equipment Sales

We design and manufacture equipment for sludge removal, tank cleaning and sludge treatment. We are always striving to improve the services and technology that we provide. The equipment that we manufacture has been designed from years of practical experience.

Willacy Oil Services Company Profile

Company Profile

We regularly work around the world with some of the major international and state-owned oil, petrochemical, storage terminal and energy companies. We also offer our services to other industries, such as utilties, food and manufacturing.

Accreditations, Certification & Training

Health and Safety

Health and Safety is at the forefront of everything that we do, from the equipment design and development through to our on-site services. We ensure we keep our high standards by maintaining staff and site audits, and the right quality assurances such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

Since 1989 Willacy Oil Services has been a world leader in the development and operation of specialist tank cleaning and sludge treatment systems. Our highly trained and dedicated workforce have practical experience in all types of industrial services, tank cleaning and sludge treatment. We also offer training in the safe operation and maintenance of our own specialist equipment. As we use this equipment ourselves every day we need to ensure that it is efficient, reliable and meets all the latest legislation and industry standards.

Willacy Oil Services