Case Studies

Examples Of Our Services In Action

Case Study: Industrial Lagoon Cleaning

Willacy Oil were commissioned by a national utility supplier to carry out the desilting of a settlement pond situated on an industrial water clarification lagoon in Scotland. Over time, sludge and sediment had built up in a settlement pond where gravitational separation takes place. This reduced the overall efficiency of the site’s treatment process, meaning that water from the site was at serious risk of failing its discharge consent.

Case Study: Effluent Treatment Centrifuge System

A mixed breed abattoir in Northern Ireland was facing increasing trade effluent costs and constraints by the local water company. Working with our local distributor we offerred to design and build a centrifuge treatment system that would ensure reduced trade effluent costs for the foreseeable future.

Case Study: UK Water Company Tank Cleaning

A UK water company needed help to clean a sludge storage tank that had filled with very fine, very heavy silts that had become contaminated with a hazardous substance. The tank was 10 metres high and 10 metres in diameter and contained approximately 1200 cubic meters of sludge that was only semi-mobile.