Oil Recovery & Treatment

Minimum Waste, Maximum Oil Recovery

Willacy Oil Services Separation Equipment

Following over 25 years of design, manufacturing and operation, Willacy Oil Services is now producing the most efficient range of proven separation equipment on the market without compromising safety. The oil recovery system comprises of the following:

Waste Pre-Treatment

We offer a range of pre-treatment units engineered to meet the clients’ requirements for pre-screening, heating and homogenising the sludge in controlled conditions.

Centrifuge Equipment

Separation is carried out by a purpose-built decanter centrifuge, producing quality separation. Liquid separation uses a unique adjustable system to give optimum recovered oil quality.

Chemical Dosing System

The chemical dosing system is included for inline injection of appropriate chemicals. This assists with the process of separation, where required.

Control Panel

Our unique control panel manages the sludge processing system with multiple controls for motors, tank liquid levels & centrifuge, and safety monitoring devices for temperature flow and pressure.

Maximum Oil Recovery

The flexibility of the total system with different pre-treatment options allows a wide range of sludges, from high solids to fine tight emulsions, to be successfully separated. Maximising oil recovery reduces or eliminates waste for off-site disposal, which has both environmental and economic advantages.

  • Treats sludge at its source on a daily basis.
  • Recovers valuable oil from the sludge.
  • Optimises crude runs by improving slop oil quality.
  • Minimises off-site disposal.
  • Reduces environmental impact.
  • Reduces downstream fouling problems.
  • Maximises your use of the equipment.
  • Improves the performance of water treatment plants by removing any suspended solids.
Oil Recovery Systems
Oil Recovery Equipment

High Solids Pre-Treatment Unit

As we are continuously being presented with the more difficult and challenging sludges that require treatment and recovery we’ve found it necessary to develop a pre-treatment process to enable us to deal with these complex obstacles.

The High Solids Pre-Treatment Unit (HSPU) has been specifically designed to handle a wide range of sludge and other materials particularly the difficult unpumpable sludges found in open pits or lagoons.

The aim is to keep the sludge in suspension, add heat to aid processing and remove any heavy debris prior to centrifugation. The HSPU can also be used to wash contaminated stone following a spill, allowing it to be re-used rather than disposed of. In conjunction with the centrifuge system this now enables us to maximise oil recovery from the waste sludge.