Equipment Sales

In-House Design and Manufacture

Creating Bespoke Technology

We design and manufacture equipment for sludge removal, tank cleaning and sludge treatment. We are always striving to improve the services and technology that we provide. The equipment that we manufacture has been designed from years of practical experience within our contracting division.

As we use this equipment ourselves every day we need to ensure that it is efficient, reliable and meets all the latest legislation and industry standards. Our engineers receive daily feedback on performance, reliability and changing legislations from the technicians working out on-site, as well as from all the major oil companies we work with. This feedback is then used in the design to ensure that we meet the demands expected from the client and operators of the equipment.

Willacy Oil Reconditioned Equipment Sales

Examples of our Equipment

Whether you are looking to remove sludge from tanks or water treatment systems without taking them out of service or treat the sludge to a specific specification of oil, water and solids separation we can offer a package that suits your needs.

Sludge Removal Equipment
  • Hydraulic Power Packs.
  • Dewatering Centrifuges

  • Manned or Remotely Operated Hydrodozers.
  • Hydraulically Driven Sludge Pumps.
  • Nozzle Systems for ‘No Man Entry’ Tank Cleaning.
  • Sludge Treatment Systems (2 or 3 Phase Centrifuge Separation).
  • Mobile Steam Generating Boilers.
  • Heat Exchangers.
  • Sonar Sludge Profiling System.
  • Hydrodozer Power Pack.

Reconditioned Equipment Sales

We can cater for any equipment requirements that you may have, whether that be new or reconditioned, all backed up by our after-sales support and training packages.

Depending on your requirement we can fully refurbish some of our own fleet that will leave our factory as good as new or supply new equipment to the latest standards and designs.

Sludge Removal Equipment