Tank & Vessel Cleaning

Confined Space Sludge Removal

Willacy Oil Hydrodozer

Safe & Efficient Tank Cleaning

Willacy Oil Services manufacture and operate a range of equipment to enable the safe and efficient removal of sludges from confined spaces whilst eliminating or minimising man-entry.

We have the equipment and experience necessary to complete any tank cleaning project. We also have the required expertise needed to clean tanks to Hot Work standards and Food Grade quality.

Three Steps to Automated Tank Cleaning

Step One

Assess sludge bank location & depth

Step Two

Re-suspend and extract sludge banks

Step Three

Separate the solids, oil and water

Technology at Work

We design and manufacture bespoke equipment for sludge removal, tank cleaning and sludge treatment. The innovative technology that is used for tank and vessel cleaning of both fixed and floating roof tanks includes:

  • SPOT Technology
  • Fluid Nozzle System
  • Three Phase Decanters
  • Hydrodozer
SPOT Technology Sludge Profiling for Oil Tanks