Tank Sludge Profiling

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Sludge Profiling for Oil Tanks

The unique Sludge Profiler for Oil Tanks (SPOT) has been designed to accurately locate and quantify sludge build up in the bottom of floating roof crude oil storage tanks.

The system is based on sonar and during a 360° sweep 240,000 soundings are used to assess the sludge build up. The Sludge Profiler replaces the inaccurate and time-consuming manual dipping method.

By identifying the location and height of sludge banks in crude storage tanks, maintenance programmes can be prioritised, stock control can be improved, and representative samples can be taken from the sludge banks identified.

Sludge Profiling for Oil Tanks
SPOT 3D Sludge Profiling for Oil Tanks

Why use a SPOT System?

The SPOT system reduces the potential risk associated with landing a floating roof when a large sludge bank is present. Mixer running patterns can also be monitored by using the system on a regular basis.

The equipment requires a 4″ internal diameter entry position into the crude. Therefore, roof legs, man-ways, vents, dip hatches, etc. could be used.

The survey is carried out with the tank full of oil, which eliminates the potential confined space problems that can be associated with working on floating roofs in their lowered position. Normally between one and three entry positions are all that is required to survey a tank with a diameter of up to 100m, preventing the need to remove large numbers of roof legs.

What are the Benefits?

A tank can usually be surveyed in one working day, providing that permits are available without delays. The number of people required to carry out the work is minimal and once the tool is assembled the survey is carried out from the ground level and so there would be no personnel on the roof.

The system is intrinsically safe, as it is a totally sealed vessel that is completely nitrogen filled. The system has an automatic power shut down mechanism, where if the pressure should drop, the power to the system is cut off. The SPOT system has full ATEX certification and the technology is well proven worldwide.

  • The system is safe, accurate and saves time.
  • A tank can be surveyed while it is still full of oil.
  • SPOT has full ATEX certification.
  • Features automatic power shut down.
  • Provides an instant read out of results.
  • Features a full 3D plot rotation facility.