Tank Farm Management

Efficient Sludge Management for Oil Storage Tanks

SPOT 3D Sludge Profiler for Oil Tanks

Tank Monitoring to Improve Performance & Reduce Costs

Efficient sludge management in crude oil storage tanks can not only improve operational performance but also save money on tank cleaning costs when the time comes to take the tank out of service for inspection or maintenance.

By using our SPOT (Sludge Profiler for Oil Tanks) system regularly you can monitor sludge build up and assess the performance of the resuspension system that is in place. Once we know where the sludge is, our purpose built nozzle re-suspension systems can efficiently break down the sludge banks without taking the tank out of service. Regular resuspension programs will keep sludge levels down and ensure the tanks are operating efficiently.

Monitor Sludge Build Up

Willacy Oil Services can manage the tank farm and easily move our mobile systems from tank to tank as the SPOT System identifies where the sludge build up is taking place. This increases efficiency and reduces the time that tanks are out of service.
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