Global Oil Services

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Global Oil Services from Willacy

Working Around the World

Over the past 27 years Willacy Oil Services has undertaken many large contracts around the world including Europe, Asia, Australia and the Caribbean. These contracts are generally the more difficult projects that the small local companies haven’t got the equipment or experience to do.

Once we have assessed the scope of work for the project we will work closely with local companies to see what resources are available. In order to put together a competitive commercial package it is important that we maximize the local content and only send the specialist equipment and experienced technicians from the UK.

Maintaining the Highest Standards

It is also extremely important to us that we maintain the standards of work that we deliver in the UK in terms of quality, health and safety and environmental practices and procedures. Any local labour or equipment that we use to support our operations must be fully trained and the equipment certified fit for purpose.

If you have a problem lagoon or a crude tank with high volumes of sludge, collapsed floating roofs or difficult emulsified slop oil that you can’t split then these are just a few of the problem projects that we have successfully completed around the world.

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