Interceptor & Lagoon Cleaning

Online Sludge Removal

Interceptor Cleaning, Bay, Pond & Lagoon Cleaning

Sludge Extraction & Treatment

We can clean all types of pits, interceptor bays and lagoons, even while they are still in use, so there is no need to take the pit or lagoon out of service. We remotely extract and remove the sludge from the base of the pit or lagoon using specific equipment such as pumps, underwater robots (Hydrodredger), floating barges or excavators.

The extracted sludge is processed through screening equipment and centrifuges or filter press equipment to separate and maximise oil recovery and minimise the amount of sludge taken for disposal. We then handle the transportation and disposal of the minimised sludge.

Four Steps to Pit, Bay & Lagoon Cleaning

Step One

Quantify the amount of sludge using the latest technology.

Step Two

Remotely extract and remove the sludge from the pit, bay or lagoon.

Step Three

Process the removed sludge to recover the maximum amount of oil.

Step Four

Reduce the quantity of solids that are transported for final disposal.

Willacy Oil Services Hydrodreger


The Hydrodredger allows for the extraction of sludge while the lagoon or pit is kept in service by using a remotely operated submersible robot fitted with a pump. This is hydraulically powered and different combinations are possible, depending on the specific task.

Willacy Oil Services Floating Barge

Floating Barges

Used to facilitate the extraction of sludge from the bottom of pits and lagoons with clay or impervious liners whilst the lagoon/pit is kept in operation. The floating barges are managed through steel wires and powered through hydraulic motors. The units have pumps and suction devices that can be regulated in height.

Willacy Oil Services Sludge Treatment

Sludge Treatment

Willacy Oil Services has a range of equipment for maximising oil recovery, which includes the Very High Solids System, High Solids Pre-Treatment Unit, Two and Three Phase Decanter Centrifuges and Filter Presses. See our Oil Recovery & Treatment service page for more information.