Oil Industry Services

Supporting Oil Refineries and the Petrochemical Industry

Industrial Cleaning Services from Willacy Oil

We provide solutions to all types of industrial cleaning that may be required, from manual removal and jetting work through to the cleaning of automated or semi-automated systems.

Refinery Services from Willacy Oil

We offer a complete range of services to the refinery sector with highly experienced teams and a proven track record in managing waste, shutdown support, high pressure water jetting and tank inspections.

Tank Inspections from Willacy Oil Services

As part of our Total Service package we offer ‘In Service’ and ‘Out of Service’ storage tank inspections to refineries and tank storage terminals, using the latest technology.

Tank & Vessel Cleaning from Willacy Oil

We manufacture and operate a range of equipment to enable the safe and efficient removal of sludges from confined spaces whilst eliminating or minimising man-entry.

Tank Sludge Profiling from Willacy Oil Services

The unique Sludge Profiler for Oil Tanks (SPOT) has been designed to accurately locate and quantify sludge build up in the bottom of floating roof crude oil storage tanks.

Sludge Removal from Willacy Oil Services

Using a unique fluidic nozzle system, developed in house, Willacy Oil Services are able to clean heavy hydrocarbon deposits in large diameter floating roof crude tanks.

Oil Recovery & Oil Treatment from Willacy Oil Services

Following over 25 years of design, manufacturing and operation, we offer the most efficient range of proven separation equipment on the market, without compromising safety.

Interceptor & Lagoon Cleaning from Willacy Oil Services

We can clean all types of pits, interceptor bays and lagoons, even while they are still in use, so there is no need to take the pit or lagoon out of service.

Equipment Sales from Willacy Oil Services

We design and manufacture equipment for sludge removal, treatment & tank cleaning. The equipment that we manufacture has been designed from years of practical experience.

Oil Tank Farm Management from Willacy Oil Services

By using our SPOT (Sludge Profiler for Oil Tanks) system regularly you can monitor any sludge build up and assess the performance of the re-suspension system that is in place.

Emergency Spill Response from Willacy Oil Services

Immediate response from experienced professionals who know exactly how to deal with the emergency, limit environmental damage and conduct post-spill investigations to protect you in the future.