Sludge Removal

Innovative No-Man Entry Systems

Safe & Efficient Sludge Removal

Using a unique fluidic nozzle system, developed in house, Willacy Oil Services are able to clean heavy hydrocarbon deposits in large diameter floating roof crude tanks. The fluidic action of the nozzle places the dense hydrocarbons in suspension, enabling maximum recovery of the hydrocarbons contained in the sludge. The system has been specially developed to avoid the exposure to tank cleaning personnel carrying out hazardous cleaning activities in confined spaces.

A recent case study showed that 6500 tonnes of sludge was removed using this non-intrusive technique in 4 weeks of running. Personnel were only required to enter the tank for the final phase of cleaning. This is safer and more efficient compared to traditional methods of manual sludge removal.

Safe & Efficient

Proven Technology

Non-Intrusive Method

Sludge Removal Equipment

The mechanical sludge removal equipment is made in various sizes depending on the application. It can be fixed or in component form to go through an 18″ manhole. The tracks can be used to agitate the sludge and direct it to the pump section.

In the remote version, the pump can be mounted on the hydrodozer to transfer the sludge directly through a fish tail type suction adaptor. The remote controlled hydrodozer can also be operated as a suction dredger to remove sludge from pits, lagoons and online API separators, whilst the systems are still in service.

The pumps and hydrodozers are hydraulically driven which is a safe system for hazardous areas. The diesel driven power pack can be situated in a safe area powering the equipment.

Sludge Removal System for Oil Tanks

Willacy’s Sludge Removal Advantages

  • Uses well proven technology.
  • A safe and efficient system.
  • Minimises or eliminates the need for people in confined spaces.
  • Many sizes and configurations – either remotely or manually controlled depending on application.
  • Hydraulically driven for safe operation in hazardous areas.
  • Designed to go through 18″ manway, if required.

  • Reduces sludge removal time compared with conventional methods.
  • Remote suction dredger can operate under oil / water and in some cases while refinery system is still online.