Based on years of experience with tank cleaning in the oil industry, we were awarded a tender to clean various oil storage tanks at the former Petroplus refinery in Coryton, Essex which closed in 2012. Some areas of the site were to be decommissioned, and as part of the process six large diameter crude oil tanks were to be cleaned in preparation for demolition.

“Having used many industrial cleaning companies over the years with varied results, I would have to say Willacy has been the best I have dealt with. The Willacy team work very efficiently and have a great team that are all approachable and easy to work with. They know their business and know how to get the best results safely and to high standards while still maintaining competitive rates. Willacy will always be top of my tender list for any future industrial cleaning services.”

Paul Kimber, Maintenance Manager for Thames Oil Port

The Willacy Solution

We achieved this using our specialist equipment such as pumps and hydrodozers which enabled us to move any sludge and solids to the tank openings for removal. We also supplied a centrifuge to the site, enabling us to separate the oils from solids and water. This meant that much of the oil was recovered, which we returned to the client. In addition, we managed the disposal of the solid waste.

Effluent Treatment Centrifuge System

Above: Oil storage tanks at Thames Oil Port

Effluent Treatment Centrifuge System

Above: A storage tank with all oil and sludge removed, ready for decommissioning or re-use.

What next?

Due to the success of the initial phase of the project, we were asked to continue our work in other areas of the site. We cleaned various other tanks, including a slop oil tank where again we utilised the site centrifuge to recover the oil. We have also used high-pressure jetting equipment to clean the roofs of various tanks.  A particular emphasis has been placed on our ability to work within the waste hierarchy, recovering as much oil as possible throughout the cleaning process in order to avoid disposal.

Thames Oil Port continue to utilise our services on the site, and we are mobilised for ongoing tank cleaning, centrifuge treatment and oil recovery.